How can you Help?

Fostering a Dog or Puppy
At Save The Tails we work hard to find a dog that will fit into your current “pack”.  We want to make sure you have a good experience and continue to foster with us.
Fostering is an integral part of our rescue.  With more fosters, we are able to save more dogs.  A foster provides a temporary home that gives the crucial first step for this dog as they start their new life. We provide the food, loan crate, & take care of all medical.
We rely on our great volunteers to handle dogs at our adoption events.  
Our volunteers become the ambassador for the dog they are handling, learning about the dog and then sharing that with potential adopters.
Financial donations are critical to enable more dogs to be spayed or neutered, receive vaccines, pay for pre adoption veterinary care as well as emergency care when needed, in addition to travel and transport expenses. 

Item donations are also needed.  
We are always in need of Crates/Kennels, dog beds, towels and nature’s miracle cleaner.

Gas Gift Cards
There is a lot of travel involved in rescuing these dogs, from initial pick up of the dog, to home visits, to vet visits, thousands of miles are driven per month.